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Book Dedications

To "My Favorite Relative" G.N. McElroy
Gladys Norton McElroy was McCaffrey's aunt, her mother's brother's wife.  Gladys took McCaffrey on her first trip to Ireland, though that was one year after the publication of this book.
Dear God,
Yes, There is a Virginia who helped me create this planet and the marvels thereon.  And for whom I thank you.
Virginia Kidd has been McCaffrey's literary agent since very early in her career, providing feedback and encouragement in addition, presumably, to helping negotiate book contracts.  The initials AMJ are for Anne McCaffrey Johnson.
Decision at Doona
To Todd Johnson--of course!
An incident with McCaffrey's son Todd provided the inspiration for this book, and he served as a model for character Todd Reeve.  At 13, Todd was somewhat mortified by having a book dedicated to him.  Mother and son compromised and crafted the wording together.
The Ship Who Sang
to the memory of
the Colonel, my father
citizen soldier patriot
and whom the ship first sang
McCaffrey's father was a colonel in the US army and was often referred to as "the Colonel" by friends and family.  His death from tuberculosis, when McCaffrey was 27, hit her hard.  In the preface to this book she wrote that the writing of it was "an unconscious attempt to ease my grief over the death of my father, the Colonel."
Alchemy & Academe
Nancy Graves Bache, playright
Rosel George Brown, author
Nancy Hood Brown, poet
Details about Nancy Graves Bache not known (anyone with info, send email to address at bottom of page please!).

Rosel George Brown was a science fiction author who died in November 1967 at age 41.  McCaffrey met her at a Milford writers' workshop. 

Nancy Hood Brown wrote for the East Hampton Star and was killed in an automobile accident in August 1967 at age 41.  McCaffrey attended Radcliff with her and the two were good friends.

To Anne Dorothy McElroy McCaffrey, my mother
Dragonquest was the first novel McCaffrey published after divorcing her husband and moving with her two younger children to Ireland.  Her mother Dorothy joined them in Ireland soon thereafter.
The Mark of Merlin
to my husband, who is more often Wright than wrong
A play on words for McCaffrey's husband H. Wright Johnson
Ring of Fear
To Elsie Lee and her Good friend, Golliwog
Elsie Lee Sheridan was a notable author of suspenseful romances (as Ring of Fear is).  She wrote under a number of pseudonyms including Elsie Lee and Lee Sheridan.

I've heard from a fan of Elsie Lee and learned more about her; here's some of what she wrote to me:

"Elsie Lee loved cats -- I wonder whether Polliwog was one of them? Her heroines were always smart, well-educated and creative women in a time when all too many romances featured the too-stupid-to-live heroine who inevitably does something really, really dumb for no good reason. Most were contemporaries, but she did write some historicals... Ring of Fear and The Mark of Merlin have similar sensibilities... I suspect their connection was while Anne was living in New Jersey or Delaware, though it may have been through a publisher. Elsie was published by Dell in the late sixties and seventies."

Cooking Out of this World
Dedicated respectfully to Katherine Robinson, a superb cook
To Ride Pegasus
This book is respectfully dedicated to Betty Ballantine, a woman of many talents.
Betty Ballantine, of Ballantine Books, purchased McCaffrey's first novel Restoree, and several subsequent novels (including this one).
A Time When
No dedication
The Kilternan Legacy
This story is admiringly dedicated to my Irish "fairy" godmother, Hilda Whitton, who made my fondest wish come true in Mr. Ed.
Mr. Ed was the first horse McCaffrey ever purchased, from horse trainer Hilda Whitton.
TO BETH BLISH who stands first in line for a dragon--behind me!
Beth Blish, daughter of Virginia Kidd and James Blish, was helping her mother's agenting business, and was asked by the editor at Atheneum books (original pulisher of Dragonsong) about the possibility of McCaffrey writing a Pern story for young women.
Get Off the Unicorn
This book goes, with love,
to my other sons and daughters,
to Derval, Anto, Ann, Orla & Lian,
Hilary, Weasel, Mary Pitz, Penny, Kim, and Eamonn (Gary),
Alan, Rickie, Anders, Geoffrey and David
who keep my house ringing with laughter
and music and who keep me...young!
Friends of McCaffrey's children.
To ANDRE NORTON this book is respectfully, admiringly, lovingly dedicated
Science fiction author Andre Norton is a contemporary of McCaffrey's.  She suggested that McCaffrey create a small, white sport dragon, and thus the dragon Ruth was conceived.
Dinosaur Planet
No dedication
The White Dragon
This book is irreverently dedicated to my brothers Hugh and Kevin for Sibling Rivalries, and the mature affections and loyalties that develop for early brawling!
This book is dedicated (and about time) to Frederick H. Robinson for many, many, many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that HE is the Master Harper
McCaffrey studied stage direction under Robinson while living in Wilmington, Delaware.  She has confirmed many times that the character of Robinton was modeled after Robinson.
Crystal Singer
To Kate and Alec and their children
Kate was the wife of McCaffrey's son Alec Johnson (now divorced).  They have two children, Eliza and Amelia
The Coelura
This book is dedicated with respect and affection to my good neighbor, Maureen Beirne
The Beirne family built the first house that McCaffrey purchased in Ireland (the original Dragonhold), and they lived next door.
Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
This book is dedicated to my daughter Georgeanne Johnson with great affection and respect for her courage
Gigi (Georgeanne) was the model for the character Moreta.  "Respect for her courage" is likely a reference to Gigi's battle with Crohn's disease.
Stitch in Snow
Affectionately dedicated to Sheila, Mic and Eric Simonson and the feline complement of their house.
Dinosaur Planet Survivors
Affectionately dedicated to Jeannie Cox in memory of my first Pernese Dinner
This book is gratefully dedicated to Ron and Chris Massey of the Tidmarsh Stud, and their Arabian friends, Ben, BC, Racqui, Linda and Winnie
Nerilka's Story
No dedication
The Year of the Lucy
With great friendship for my Wilmington Cronies Isabel Worrell, Betty Philips, Dorothy Rathje, and to the memory of Elsie Watson
These three women were likely all members of the Breck's Mills Cronies, a group that put on various theatrical productions in the Wilmington area.  McCaffrey joined the group when she lived there, working both on and off-stage.
The Lady
This book is dedicated to the memory of
a promising amateur jockey
(October 24, 1964--August 18, 1986)
of Kilpedder, County Wicklow, Ireland
killed by the driver of a stolen car
sadly missed by all who knew and love him--and me.
THIS BOOK WAS ALWAYS FOR Judy-Lynn Benjamin del Rey
Judy-Lynn served as one of McCaffrey's editors for years.  She and her husband Lester were responsible for the creation of the Del Rey imprint which published science fiction and fantasy for Ballantine Books.  Presumably Judy-Lynn asked McCaffrey about the origins of the Pern colony, perhaps repeatedly...
The Renegades of Pern
Maréchal de logis
"O, Johnny, why did they do ye?"
Johnny Greene was a staunch friend of McCaffrey and her children.  He joined the French Foreign Legion in the mid 1980s, rising to the rank of Maréchal de logis.  In November of 1988, for no apparent reason, he was murdered in Orange, France.  Beginning with Jayge in Renegades, McCaffrey has kept the memory of Johnny alive by naming a character for him in every book and story.
No dedication
The Death of Sleep
For another survivor, Lida Sloan Moon
Lida is possibly an in-law of author Elizabeth Moon.  Elizabeth co-authored the other two Planet Pirate books with McCaffrey (neither of which bears a dedication).  This one was co-authored by Jody Lynn Nye, so it is curious that it bears this dedication.
Pegasus in Flight
The Book is respectfully and gratefully dedicated to Diana Tyler and Diane Pearson
Diana Tyler is Anne's UK agent, and Diane Pearson is her editor at Transworld-Corgi (UK publisher).
The Rowan
Respectfully dedicated to Jay A. Katz because we enjoy a meeting of minds (well, most of the time)
Jay Katz has been McCaffrey's lawyer for many years.  His specialty is protecting the intellectual property rights of creative individuals such as authors. This is an important issue for authors of popular series about which fans enjoy writing derivative fiction, especially since the early 1990s when a serious legal dispute prevented the publication of a novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley [details on that dispute].
Generation Warriors
No dedication
Rescue Run
No dedication
All the Weyrs of Pern
This Book is Most Respectfully Dedicated to Drs Jack and Jody Cohen who have enriched my life so much
McCaffrey met Jack and his then-fiancée Judy at the first British science fiction convention she attended in the early 1970s.  He holds a degree in reproductive biology and has served as a technical consultant to McCaffrey for her alien creatures, most notably for the dragons of Pern.
No dedication
Crisis on Doona
No dedication
This book is dedicated to
Sara was the sister of McCaffrey's ex-husband.  In the mid 1980s Sara moved to Ireland to manage McCaffrey's house and garden.
The Ship Who Searched
No dedication
Crystal Line
To my good friend
teacher extraordinaire
Elizabeth is a science fiction and fantasy author, who co-wrote two novels in the Planet Pirate series with McCaffrey.
Damia's Children
Reverently Dedicated to RICHARD WOODS, O.P.
aka Pendragon, Fullfret Faxdragon, Captooth Fangbite the Whistler, Hurryfast Rushdrake, Sir Walter McDragon, Slipknife Ouchblend the Reckless, Shortblast Spleenfume the Apoplectic, Dragonrabbit, Eggsnitcher the Wily, Thickhead Diddlewit the Forgetful, Snatchfinger Jewelheist the Avaricious, Snapdragon Fastsnatch,
Harpmaker, Story-Teller, GOOD Friend
Richard Woods, a Dominican Priest, is a friend of McCaffrey's and worked with her on the writing of Diversity of Dragons, a fictional tale presenting dragonlore from ancient times to modern fiction. 
The City Who Fought
No dedication
Powers That Be
We dedicate this book to Neva Reece for holding down the Scarborough fort (and supplying the cats with TLC) while we wrote at McCaffrey's house in Ireland.  Thanks from us both, Neva.
The Dolphin's Bell
No dedication
The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
This book is respectfully dedicated to Jay. A. Katz for many good reasons
The second book to be dedicated to Jay Katz (a rare honor).  For more information see the listing for The Rowan.
Treaty at Doona
No dedication
Lyon's Pride
This book is dedicated to MATTHEW HARGREAVES for all the hard work, effort and time that he expended in nailing down an excellent bibliography of all the works by this grateful author (except this one which wasn't written yet!)
Mathew Hargreaves is the author of an extensive bibliography of McCaffrey's works, published in 1992.  It is the authority on her publications up to that date.
The Ship Who Won
No dedication
The Girl Who Heard Dragons
No dedication
Power Lines
This is for two fur gentlemen of great dignity and courage who have meant a great deal to both of us in their separate ways and on different continents: Mr. Peaches & Simon Big-Paws
Both McCaffrey and co-author E.A. Scarborough are cat lovers.  Mr. Peaches was an orange tabby belonging to Scarborough and lived nearly twenty years.  Simon Big-Paws presumably was one McCaffrey's many cats.
The Dolphins of Pern
To my granddaughter, ELIZA ORIANA JOHNSON, a princess-in-waiting
Eliza is McCaffrey's first grandchild. She was thirteen when this book was published.
Freedom's Landing
This book is dedicated to the memory of a special fan/friend, Judy Voros.  Hope heaven has chocolate (but it must!).
Power Play
This book is merrily dedicated to Maureen Beirne, Good Friend, Staunch Ally, Cheerful Companion, Experienced Tour Guide, for many kindnesses for many years.
Maureen was McCaffrey's neighbor at the original Dragonhold (see The Coelura's dedication explanation).  Power Play was published four years after McCaffrey moved from there to Dragonhold-Underhill.
An Exchange of Gifts
To Ceara Rose McCaffrey--a little tale for a little granddaughter that she may enjoy more when she's a tad older.
Ceara is McCaffrey's third grandchild.  She was around one year old when this book was published.
Serve it Forth
For Virginia Kidd
Virginia is McCaffrey's literary agent.  For more information, see the dedication explanation for Dragonflight.
Black Horses for the King
Apart from their love of Pern, Marilyn and Harry Alm are long-term friends and fans, and thus it is my pleasure to dedicate this book to them in appreciation of their many kindnesses and courtesies over the years of our association.
As noted, Marilyn and Harry Alm are long term friends of McCaffrey's, stemming from their enjoyment of the Pern books.  They created one of the earliest Pern writing clubs, Ista Weyr, which they still run.  Harry worked out details of Threadfall Patterns which McCaffrey has used as canon.
No One Noticed the Cat
This one is for Amelia Michael Johnson
my middle granddaughter
who is able to read it all on her own!
[Alternate wording: To Amelia Michael Johnson, my middle granddaughter, who can read this for her own self]
Amelia is McCaffrey's second grandchild.  She was eight when this book was published.
Space Opera
No dedication
This book is most respectfully dedicated to Dieter Clissmann, who sorts out my various computers and never fails to answer my pleas for HELP!
Dieter has provided McCaffrey with computer support for a number of years.
Freedom's Choice
This book is affectionately dedicated to Jan Regan, who is more like Lessa than Lessa was.
Exercising racehorses is the nearest thing to riding Dragons on this good earth.
Jan became a close friend to the McCaffrey family after they moved to Ireland. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Lessa, both physically and personality-wise--uncanny as the character of Lessa was created years prior to the move.
No dedication
The Masterharper of Pern
Because she is always gracious and supportive, this book is most affectionately dedicated to Shelly Shapiro and to her husband, Tom Hitchins, and their daughter, Adrianna.
Shelly has been McCaffrey's editor at Del Rey for many years.
Freedom's Challenge
Dedicated to the memory of Joe Mulcahy 1980-1997
Don't look back in anger, I hear you say.

No longer mourn for me when I am dead
Than you shall hear the sullen surly bell
Give warning to the world that I am fled....
Acorna's Quest
No dedication
If Wishes Were Horses
No dedication
Nimisha's Ship
To a courageous and generous young woman
For the greatest gift
One woman can give another
Probably dedicated to the birth mother of McCaffrey's fourth grandchild, Owen, who was adopted by her daughter Gigi and her husband in early 1998.
The Tower and the Hive
This book is affectionately and gratefully dedicated to Graham Hamilton
For blue Jaguars and Eddie Stobbart Hauliers
Acorna's People
To Ryk Reaser, science and salvage consultant
Pegasus in Space
Acorna's World
To Andy Logan, for feeding bodies as well as creative spirits with her care and attention and delicious dinners while she listened to first draft readings!
The Skies of Pern
This book is respectfully dedicated to Steven M. Beard, Ph.D. for putting my world in my hands
Steven is an astronomer friend of McCaffrey's, who made a physical globe of Pern for Anne, literally putting her world in her hands. He also made a starmap of the sky of Pern for her.  He is the husband of Elizabeth Kerner, an up-and-coming fantasy author of the Tales of Lanen Kaelar.
Acorna's Search
To Nelda Wythe and Doris Saario with many thanks for help during hard times
Freedom's Ransom
This book is respectfully dedicated to the people I've met on my chat line: herewith listed in their on-line nicknames. I apologize in advance if I have forgotten anyone, and this list is current even to newbies as of June 19, 2001.
Many of you gave me your time, encouragement and often explicit help throughout this book. I am pleased to have met all of you listed below. Ciao.
Alettath, Ambrosius, An, Anareth, Angele, Anneli, A'ron, Aviendha, Barbie, BD, Becky/Coelura, Belarion, Betsy, Birgit, Bonnbon, Bowser, Brina, Cami, Cheryl, Chris, Cindy, Clueless, Corsaith, C'ris, Dark Steps, Debbiedamoodymom, Dianna, Draig, Elfinfriend, Elrhan, Emma, Freev, Gail, Gill, Gizmo nine, Grainne, Grey Bear, Gynna, Habit 2, Happy Butterfly, Heideth, Hishin, Ivo, Jax, Jeffrywith1e, Jenna, Trivia lady, John, Jojo, Jor, Jorine, Khricket, Kismet, K'Nan, Koolness, Kris Raven, Kyky, Lady Cygnet, Laurel, Leia, Little Bit, Loiosh, L'rry, Mallory, Marie, MasterHarper 57, Mavron, Melissa, Michael, Miranda, Moomin, Mousertx, Mpatane, Natalie, NCC2235, Nemkitty, Nemlee, Nirgal, Peanuts, Princess Jennifer, Quixotic, Ranen, Rapunzel, Raz, Rimmer, Rogue Wolf, Rosli, Rhube, Simon, Sparkies, S'ran/Sokar, SW, Tail Kink2Enniem, Tankiawee, Thalarob, Thunderchild, Tsarina, Wendy, Wolf Shadow, York Harper

I am the Cheryl on the list.  I personally know or knew a good portion of the folks on this list, as I was a regular chatter and host in McCaffrey's online chatroom, known as The Kitchen Table Live.

A Gift of Dragons
No dedication
Acorna's Rebels
In loving memory of Donald Dean Scarborough
Dragon's Kin
To my brother, Kevin McCaffrey, aka "The Smallest Dragonboy" -- Anne McCaffrey
To Ceara Rose McCaffrey--of course! -- Todd McCaffrey
Kevin was the model for the title character in McCaffrey's short story "The Smallest Dragonboy"
Todd's dedication is to his daughter and mimics the dedication of Decision at Doona, from McCaffrey to son Todd.
Acorna's Triumph
In fond memory of Connie Johnson: math teacher; bibliophile, adventuress, and friend
First Warning: Acorna's Children
This book is for Jason and Cynthia Scarborough, with love
Relatives of co-author Annie Scarborough; anyone with more information please send it!

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