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The first question one must tackle when compiling a long bibliography is how to organize it: alphabetically, by series, or by date of publication.  Each way has it's own merits and uses.  Organizing by series makes a lot of sense with an author that has quite a number of different series, to make it easy for the unfamiliar reader to pick a book to start with, and for the longer-time reader to see if their are new works in their favorite series.  An alphabetical order makes it easy for the collector to see what might be missing in their collection, especially with as many works as McCaffrey has written.  In order by publication date shows the progression of an author's career, and makes it easy for the major fan who reads all the author's books to see what's new.

So which way is best?  None of them and all of them!  I've decided to provide Anne McCaffrey's bibliography in all three formats, so that you may choose the order that meets your needs best.

While I've indicated that these bibliographic pages separately list books from short stories, please note that there are some items (mainly novellas - long short stories or short novels) which are either hard to classify or which legitimately can be classified both ways (usually because they've been published both as individual items and as part of short story collections).  These items therefore can be found as part of both the book and short story bibliographies.  Also note that any short stories which belong to one of Anne McCaffrey's series are listed as part of the Series Order bibliography.

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