The Many Works of Anne McCaffrey

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Anne McCaffrey's Book Dedications
A listing of the dedications in all of Anne McCaffrey's books, and - when known - explanations of them.

Collecting Highlights
A tri-monthly column (originally just bi-monthly), written alternately by Hans van der Boom, Rebecca Skiner, and myself, highlighting an item (book/story/miscellaneous item) of interest to collectors of Anne McCaffrey's works.

Universal Times: Bringing you the news from across the McCaffrey space-time continuum
A mock newspaper bringing you articles, classifieds, and more from the many works of Anne McCaffrey.  The small staff of one is currently seeking to expand with the addition of regular staff reporters as well as guest reporters, and is accepting submissions in all departments.

The Ubiquitous Johnny Greene
Anne McCaffrey had a dear friend named John Greene, who died mysteriously in France.  Starting with Renegades of Pern, she says she has included John as a character (usually minor) in every subsequent book and story, under some variation of his name.  Renegades was dedicated to him.  The many appearances of John Greene will be chronicled here.

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