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Series Details:
Dinosaur Planet / Planet Pirates

Please note that this list is not yet complete, but does include all the major alien race in the books.
Next time I re-read the series I'll update the list.

Simian race.  One individual is described as having purple fur and reflective white pupils (not sure what color range is possible).  Strong for their size.

Equine race.   They are a peace-loving peoples, and very logical/mathematical in thought.

Bovine race, can have horns.

Humans whose ancestors were genetically altered to withstand high gravity (usually around 2g) and harsh climates.  There is much misunderstanding, fear, and distrust between unaltered humans and the altered heavyworlders.  The heavyworlders seem to have been created around the year 2780 (Lunzie's term husband Sion was part of the team of geneticists that created them).  Described as almost Neanderthal in character, with pronounced brow ridges and thick and heavy features.  Males are at least seven feet tall.

If you don't know, you need serious help!

Avian race, very proud of being the only sentient birds in the FSP. They usually speak rapidly and with animation, and have a low tolerance for confined spaces.

Reptilic race resembles lizards.  Very arrogant peoples that believe in luck and risk-taking.  Do not believe in tampering with fate (e.g. no genetic engineering). 

Marine organisms with a mobile larval stage and a sessile adult stage.  They communicate telepathically with one another, and form the basis of IFTL communications between ships.

Humanoid race with large eyes and pale gray skin.

Silicate based life form, whose appearance resembles granite pyramids.  Looked up to by all other species, but not communicated with often.  The Thek speak very slowly and concisely, conveying more in a word than most people do in a sentence (but taking longer to say it).  They can extrude psuedopods to hold things.  They seem to live for millions of years, growing larger with age. 

Shape-shifting race, usually choose a human form when in their company (to be polite and less unnerving).

Protoplasmic entities whose chromosomes can be the size of a human finger.  Their single cell can grow to be at least five feet tall.  One individual is described as having a purple cell wall.

Tortoise-like species with shells.

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