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Series Details:
Dinosaur Planet / Planet Pirates


Many people don't even realize that these two series are related, but the characters and events in them closely intersect.  Without Generation Warriors, readers of the Dinosaur Planet sub-series will feel the story is unconcluded (because it is!).  And without the Dinosaur Planet books, readers of the Planet Pirate books will feel as if they're missing something about the past events referred to on Ireta.

That said, the order to read the five books is fairly open-ended, because of how the events in the books overlap (see timeline below), and because they were written to stand well on their own.  Definitely read Dinosaur Planet Survivors after Dinosaur Planet, and save Generation Warriors for last, but the others can be read in any order.  I generally recommend reading the books in the order you can get your hands on them.  If you are lucky enough to have all five to read in any order, I'd suggest:

  1. Dinosaur Planet
  2. Dinosaur Planet Survivors
  3. The Death of Sleep
  4. Sassinak
  5. Generation Warriors

Please note that I know I misspelled dinosaur in the diagram,
but I don't currently have access to the program I need to correct it!
Planet Pirate Timeline

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