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Series Details:
Dinosaur Planet / Planet Pirates

Characters and Plots

Central characters of the books:
(secondary characters will eventually be added)

Dinosaur Planet:  Varian & Kai
Dinosaur Planet Survivors: Varian (Kai & Lunzie)
Sassinak: Sassinak
The Death of Sleep: Lunzie
Generation Warriers: Sassinak & Lunzie

Plot sketches:

Dinosaur Planet: Varian & Kai are leading an exploratory team to the planet Ireta, where they are surprised to find creatures from Earth's Mezozoic Era.  Then a mutiny is lead by some members of the team.

Dinosaur Planet Survivors: 43 years later, the survivors of the mutiny awaken from cold sleep and must reckon with the descendants of the mutineers.

Sassinak: 12-year-old Sassinak's life is permanently altered when pirates attack her colony planet, kill her family, and enslave her.  After she escapes, she dedicates her life to bringing the pirates & their financiers to justice.

The Death of Sleep: Lunzie must leave her teenage daughter with friends for a few years while she takes a job on a mining platform to earn money to buy the two of them a spot in a colony. On the way to the job, calamity strikes Lunzie's ship, forcing her and the crew to go into cold sleep until rescuers arrive.   62 years later, Lunzie is found...

Generation Warriers: Lunzie and her great-great-great granddaughter Sassinak work to collect evidence for the upcoming trial that could spell the end to the Planet Pirates forever!


While Lunzie was sleeping...her family grew and grew!  See just how Sass is related to Lunzie in their family tree below.
Males are in rectangular boxes, females in curved ones.
Numbers are years of birth.

Lunzie's Family Tree

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