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Brainship makes key archeological discovery
A key to the the location of the homeworld of the EsKays, an ancient race of spacegoing aliens, has been discovered.   Archeologists are now working to decode the book of starmaps found by the Courier Service brainship AH-1033, Hypatia, and her brawn Alexander Joli-Chanteau.

New governors named to sentient planet
Colonel Yanaba Maddock and Dr. Sean Shongili were named co-governers of Planet Petaybee today.  This follows upon the close of the investigation by Intergal's Board of Directors into recent events on Petaybee.  The inquiry concluded that the planet is itself sentient.



Heptite Guild seeks crystal singers, tuners, and technicians. Apply in person at Shankill Moon Base. Those without perfect pitch need not apply!

The government of Deneb is offering monetary rewards for scraps of Hiver spaceships. Contact your local representative for details.

See the galaxy by harvesting plants. Apply: Asian Esoteric and Exotic Company. Families welcome.

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