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Collecting Highlights

11/1/2005  Dolphins of Pern stamp from Sierra Leone
by Cheryl Miller

In 1996, Sierra Leone issued a stamp honoring The Dolphins of Pern as part of their "Fantasies of the Sea" series of stamps. The stamp cost 1500 Le (which currently converts to US$ 0.64).

As best I can determine from online searches, this is the only stamp honoring Anne McCaffrey and/or any of her works, making it a rather unique collectible. Unfortunately they've also managed to spell her name incorrectly as Ann McCaffrey...

As of 11/1/2005, a number of online boutique stamp stores sell this stamp, for a fairly standard price of $4.95 (though I found one site listing it for $3.50).  For tips on locating copies of this or other items, email Cheryl (address in page footer) or post a message at A Meeting of Minds.

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