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Collecting Highlights

Collecting Highlights is a tri-monthly column (originally just bi-monthly), written alternately by Hans van der Boom, Rebecca Skinner, highlighting an item (book/story/miscellaneous item) of interest to collectors of Anne McCaffrey's works.  The current Collecting Highlight appears in A Meeting of Minds discussion forum in the Book Collector's Meeting Room.  All of the older highlights appear here on The Many Works of Anne McCaffrey. If you would like to request coverage of a specific item, drop me and email (address in page footer) and I'll see what I can do.

Index of Collecting Highlights


Author # Subject
7/1/2007 CM 56 Dragondrums (UK 1st hardcover) and "F'nor and Canth" poster
6/20/2007 BS 55 Dragonflight (US 1st hardcover)
6/10/2007 HvdB 54 Questar magazine (Crystal Singer graphic novel)
6/1/2007 CM 53 Dragondrums (US 1st hardcover)
5/20/2007 BS 52 "Apple"
5/10/2007 HvdB 51 Writer's of the Future, volumes 2, 14, and 22
4/20/2007 BS 50 Dragonflight (Easton Press and 30th Anniversary editions)
4/10/2007 HvdB 49 Season's Greetings
6/1/2007 CM 48 Russian black filigree Pern hardcovers, part IV
3/20/2007 BS 47 Dancing with the Dark
3/10/2007 HvdB 46 "The Smallest Dragonboy" chapbook
5/15/2007 CM 45 Russian black filigree Pern hardcovers, part III
2/20/2007 BS 44 The Ship Who Sang (US and UK hardcovers)
2/10/2007 HvdB 43 The Atlas of Pern by Karen Wynn Fonstad
5/1/2007 CM 42 Russian black filigree Pern hardcovers, part II
1/20/2007 BS 41 No One Noticed the Cat  (multiple editions)
1/10/2007 HvdB 40 Dragonflight and Dragonquest (French 1st Edition hardcovers)
5/1/2007 CM 39 Russian black filigree Pern hardcovers, part I
12/20/2006 BS 38 The Coelura - multiple editions
12/10/2006 HvdB 37 Michael Whelan Pern artwork phonecards
1/10/2007 HvdB 36 Collectible Todd's and ends
11/20/2006 BS 35 Three Gothic Novels ephemera
11/10/2006 HvdB 34 Dragonharper and Dragonfire by Jody Lynn Nye
11/1/2006 CM 33 Brandywyne Moreta and Stitch in Snow
10/20/2006 BS 32 Brandywyne Year of the Lucy
10/10/2006 HvdB 31 Pegasus in Space special edition
9/20/2006 BS 30 Pern Portfolio
9/10/2006 HvdB 29 The Ship Who Searched promotional cap
9/1/2006 CM 28 Dragonquest (UK 1st hardcover)
8/20/2006 BS 27 Ral Partha Bronze Dragon
8/10/2006 CM 26 Pern 30 Year Commemorative Watch
8/1/2006 HvdB 25 Dragonflight Graphic Novel, English and Spanish editions
7/20/2006 BS 24 Dragonriders of Pern TV Cel and T-shirt
7/10/2006 HvdB 23 "Weyr Search" (in German HC anthology)
7/1/2006 CM 22 The Dragondex by Wendy Glasser
6/20/2006 BS 21 Ireland of the Welcomes
6/10/2006 HvdB 20 Firebrands by Ron Miller and Pamela Sargent
6/1/2006 CM 19 A Time When
5/15/2006 HvdB 18 Menolly's Sea Songs
5/1/2006 CM 17 The White Dragon (US 1st paperback)
4/15/2006 HvdB 16 Dragonsong, the play or How to make your own firelizard
4/1/2006 CM 15 Habit is an Old Horse (chapbook)
3/15/2006 HvdB 14 Anne McCaffrey in the Thai Language
3/1/2006 CM 13 Alien Landscapes
2/15/2006 HvdB 12 A Diversity of Dragons
2/1/2006 CM 11 Comic Adaptation of "The Smallest Dragonboy"
1/15/2006 HvdB 10 The Girl Who Heard Dragons (Cheap Street special edition)
1/1/2006 CM 9 "The Quest of a Sensible Man" (short story)
12/15/2005 HvdB 8 Serve it Forth
12/1/2005 CM 7 "A Proper Santa Claus" (short story)
11/15/2005 HvdB 6 Roots of Pern: "Weyr Search"
11/1/2005 CM 5 Dolphins of Pern stamp from Sierra Leone
10/15/2005 HvdB 4 "Freedom of the Race" (short story)
10/1/2005 CM 3 Dragonriders of Pern calendar
9/15/2005 HvdB 2 All the Weyrs of Pern abridged audio recording
9/1/2005 CM 1 "A Meeting of Minds" (short story)


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