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Short Stories: Publication Order

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Please note that for sources,  magazines are underlined and books are italicized (with editors noted paranthetically)

Pub Date Story Title Original Publication Source
Oct 1953 "Freedom of the Race" Science Fiction Plus
Apr 1959 "Lady in a Tower" Fantasy and Science Fiction
Apr 1961 "The Ship Who Sang" Fantasy and Science Fiction
Mar 1966 "The Ship Who Mourned" Analog
Oct 1966 "The Ship Who Killed" Galaxy
Oct 1967 "Weyr Search" Analog
Dec 1967 "Dragonrider" Analog
Jan 1969 "A Meeting of Minds" Fantasy and Science Fiction
Feb 1969 "A Womanly Talent" Analog
Mar 1969 "The Ship Who Disappeared" (aka "The Ship Who Dissembled") Worlds of If
Mar 1969 "The Weather on Welladay" Galaxy
Jun 1969 "Dramatic Mission" Analog
1969 "Apple" Crime Prevention in the 30th Century (ed. Hans Stefan Santesson)
1970 "The Great Canine Chorus" Infinity One (ed. Robert Hoskins)
Jul 1970 "Sittick" Galaxy
1970 "The Thorns of Barevi" The Disappearing Future (ed. George Hay)
1971 "Daughter" The Many Worlds of Science Fiction (ed. Ben Bova)
Mar 1973 "A Proper Santa Claus" Demon Kind (ed. Roger Elwood)
1973 "The Smallest Dragonboy" Science Fiction Tales (ed. Roger Elwood)
Jul 1973 "A Bridle for Pegasus" Analog
Aug 1973 "Finder's Keepers" (aka "Finder's Keeper") The Haunt of Horror
Sep 1973 "Dull Drums" Future Quest (ed. Roger Elwood)
1973 "Rabble-Dowser" Omega (ed. Roger Elwood)
Sep 1973 "The Rescued Girls of Refugee" Ten Tomorrow (ed. Roger Elwood)
Dec 1973 "Velvet Fields" Worlds of If
1974 "Prelude to a Crystal Song" Continuum 1 (ed. Roger Elwood)
1974 "Killashandra--Crystalsinger" Continuum 2 (ed. Roger Elwood)
1974 "Milekey Mountain" Continuum 3 (ed. Roger Elwood)
1975 "Killashandra--Coda and Finale" Continuum 4 (ed. Roger Elwood)
Jun 1977 "Changeling" Get Off the Unicorn
Jun 1977 "Honeymoon" Get Off the Unicorn
Jun 1977 "Horse From a Different Sea" Get Off the Unicorn
1977 "The Greatest Love" Futurelove (ed. Roger Elwood)
1978 "Lady in Waiting" Cassandra Rising (ed. Alice Laurance)
1979 "Habit is an Old Horse" Visitors Book (ed. David Marcus)
Jan 1981 "Cinderella Switch" Stellar #6 (ed. Judy-Lynn del Rey)
Jun 1985 "A Flock of Geese" Moonsinger's Friends (ed. Susan Shwartz)
1986 "Fallen Angel" Habit is an Old Horse
May 1988 "Duty Calls" The Fleet (ed. David Drake and Bill Fawcett)
Mar 1989 "The Impression" (written with Jody Lynn Nye) Gateways
Mar 1990 "If Madam Likes You" Carmen Miranda's Ghost is Haunting Space Station Three (ed. Don Sakers)
Mar 1990 "A Sleeping Humpty Dumpty Beauty" Sworn Allies (ed. David Drake and Bill Fawcett)
1990 "Pedigreed Stallion" Timegate Volume II: Dangerous Interfaces
Sep 1990 "Mandalay" (aka "The Mandalay Cure") Total War (ed. David Drake and Bill Fawcett)
Aug 1991 "Rescue Run" Analog
Sep 1991 "A Quiet One" 2041 (ed. Jane Yolen)
Nov 1991 "The Quest of a Sensible Man" Once Upon A Time (ed. Lester del Rey and Risa Kessler)
Jun 1993 "Zulei, Grace, Nimshi and the Damyankees" Confederacy of the Dead (ed. Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greenberg, and Edward E. Kramer)
Sep 1993 "The P.E.R.N. Survey" (aka "The Survey: P.E.R.N.") Amazing Stories Magazine
May 1994 "The Bones Do Lie" The Girl Who Heard Dragons
May 1994 "Euterpe on a Fling" The Girl Who Heard Dragons
May 1994 "The Girl Who Heard Dragons" The Girl Who Heard Dragons
1995 "Black Horses for a King" Camelot (ed. Jane Yolen)
1995 "Zeus: The Howling" (written with Georgeanne Kennedy) Great Writers and Kids Write Spooky Stories (ed. Martin H. Greenberg, Jill M. Morgan, and Robert Weinberg)
1996 "The Golden Years" Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear (ed. Jody Lynn Nye)
Mar 1996 "The Orange Cat" Albedo One
Dec 1996 "Bird in the Hand" Space Opera (ed. Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)
Dec 1996 "The N Auntie" David Copperfield's Beyond Imagination (ed. David Copperfield and Janet Berliner)
1998 "Bound by Hoof and Nail" (written with Georgeanne Kennedy) Mothers & Daughters (ed. Jill Morgan)
Oct 1998 "Runner of Pern" Legends (ed. Robert Silverberg)
May 1999 "The Ship That Returned" Far Horizons (ed. Robert Silverberg)
Nov 2002 "Ever the Twain" A Gift of Dragons
Jan 2004 "Beyond Between" Legends II (ed. Robert Silverberg)

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