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[Short Stories: alphabetical order     publication order     related stories]

Stories are listed in chronological order within series
Please note that one-off stories do not appear in this listing


  • "The Ship Who Sang"
  • "The Ship Who Mourned"
  • "The Ship Who Killed"
  • "Dramatic Mission"
  • "The Ship Who Disappeared" (aka "The Ship Who Dissembled")
  • "The Partnered Ship"
  • "Honeymoon"
  • "The Ship That Returned"

Chloe and the Time Cave

  • "The Bones Do Lie"
  • "A Flock of Geese"

Crystal Singer

  • "Prelude to a Crystal Song"
  • "Milekey Mountain"
  • "Killashandra--Crystalsinger"
  • "Killashandra--Coda and Finale"

The Fleet

  • "Duty Calls"
  • "A Sleeping Humpty Dumpty Beauty"
  • "Mandalay" (aka "The Mandalay Cure")

Nora Fenn

  • "Daughter"
  • "Dull Drums"


  • "The P.E.R.N. Survey" (aka "The Survey: P.E.R.N.")

  • "The Dolphin's Bell"

  • "The Ford of Red Hanrahan"

  • "The Second Weyr"

  • "Rescue Run"

  • "Ever the Twain"

  • "Beyond Between"

  • "Weyr Search"

  • "Dragonrider"

  • "Runner of Pern"

  • "The Impression" (written with Jody Lynn Nye)

  • "The Smallest Dragonboy"

  • "The Girl Who Heard Dragons"


  • Pegasus sub-series

    • "A Womanly Talent"

    • "Apple"

    • "A Bridle for Pegasus"

    • "To Ride Pegasus"

  • The Tower and the Hive sub-series

    • "Lady in a Tower"

    • "A Meeting of Minds"

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