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Novels and Novellas: Series order (chronologically within series)

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Works within a strict series are found in chronological order on numbered lists.
Works not in a strict series but set within the same "universe" are on bulleted lists.
Short stories and supplementary books that belong to a series are listed with the novels in that series.
Works not authored by Anne McCaffrey but belonging to a series are preceded by an asterisk.
Short stories that were incorporated into books are found indented beneath the book.

Co-authors are indicated parenthetically by their initials:
MB for Margaret Ball
KWF for Karen Wynn Fonstad
ML for Mercedes Lackey
TM for Todd McCaffrey
EM for Elizabeth Moon
JLN for Jody Lynn Nye
EAS for Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
SMS for S.M. Stirling
RW for Robin Wood

Young Adult series
  1. Acorna (MB)
  2. *The Unicorn Girl (JLN et al.; *not authored by McCaffrey)
  3. Acorna's Quest (MB)
  4. Acorna's People (EAS)
  5. Acorna's World (EAS)
  6. Acorna's Search (EAS)
  7. Acorna's Rebels (EAS)
  8. Acorna's Triumph (EAS)
  9. First Warning: Acorna's Children (EAS)
  10. Second Wave: Acorna's Children (EAS)
  11. Third Watch: Acorna's Children (EAS)
Body Heir
  • The Coelura
  • Nimisha's Ship

Books are independent, except for the numbered sets.  The Ship Who Sang is composed in part of previously published short stories as noted below.

  • 1. The Ship Who Sang
    1. "The Ship Who Sang"
    2. "She Ship Who Mourned"
    3. "The Ship Who Killed"
    4. "Dramatic Mission"
    5. "The Ship Who Disappeared"
  • 2. "Honeymoon"
  • 3. "The Ship Who Returned"
  • Partnership (MB)
  • The Ship Who Searched (ML)
  • 1. The City Who Fought (SMS)
  • 2. *The Ship Avenged (SMS only)
  • 1. The Ship Who Won (JLN)
  • 2. *The Ship Errant (JLN only)

Omnibus editions:
Brain Ships (Partnership and The Ship Who Searched)
The City and the Ship (The City Who Fought and The Ship Avenged)
The Ship Who Saved the Worlds (The Ship Who Won and The Ship Errant)

Crystal Singer
Crystal Singer is composed in part of previously published short stories as noted below.

  1. Crystal Singer
    1. "Prelude to a Crystal Song"
    2. "Milekey Mountain"
    3. "Killashandra - Crystalsinger"
    4. "Killashandra - Coda and Finale"
  2. Killashandra
  3. Crystal Line

Omnibus editions:
The Crystal Singer Triliogy (Crystal Singer, Killashandra, and Crystal Line)

Dinosaur Planet / Planet Pirates

  1. Dinosaur Planet
  2. Dinosaur Planet Survivors (UK: The Survivors)
  3. The Death of Sleep (JLN)
  4. Sassinak (EM)
  5. Generation Warriors (EM)

Omnibus editions:
The Ireta Adventure (aka The Mystery of Ireta: Dinosaur Planet and Dinosaur Planet Survivors)
The Planet Pirates (The Death of Sleep, Sassinak, and Generation Warriors)


  1. Decision at Doona
  2. Crisis on Doona (JLN)
  3. Treaty at Doona (UK: Treaty Planet) (JLN)

Omnibus editions:
Doona (Crisis on Doona, Treaty at Doona)

Fantasy Novellas

  • An Exchange of Gifts
  • No One Noticed the Cat
  • If Wishes Were Horses
  • "The Quest of a Sensible Man"

Freedom's Landing is an expansion of a previously published short story as noted below.

  1. Freedom's Landing
    • "The Thorns of Barevi"
  2. Freedom's Choice
  3. Freedom's Challenge
  4. Freedom's Ransom

Several of the Pern books include previously published stories or are anthologies of short stories, as noted below.

  1. Dragonsdawn
  2. The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
    1. "The Survey: P.E.R.N.c"
    2. "The Dolphin's Bell"
    3. "The Ford of Red Hanrahan"
    4. "The Second Weyr"
    5. "Rescue Run"
  3. Dragonseye (UK: Red Star Rising)
  4. "Ever the Twain"
  5. Dragon's Kin (TM)
  6. Dragon's Fire (TM)
  7. Dragonsblood (TM only)
  8. Dragon Harper (TM)
  9. Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
  10. Nerilka's Story
  11. "Beyond Between"
  12. The Masterharper of Pern
  13. Dragonflight
    1. "Weyr Search"
    2. "Dragonrider"
  14. "Runner of Pern"
  15. Dragonquest
  16. Dragonsong
  17. Dragonsinger
  18. Dragondrums
  19. "The Impression" (JLN)
  20. "The Smallest Dragonboy"
  21. The White Dragon
    1. A Time When
  22. "The Girl Who Heard Dragons"
  23. Renegades of Pern
  24. All the Weyrs of Pern
  25. The Dolphins of Pern
  26. The Skies of Pern

The Anthology A Gift of Dragons is comprised of "Ever the Twain", "Runner of Pern", "The Smallest Dragonboy", and "The Girl Who Heard Dragons".  As these stories are chronologically diverse they are listed individually above and A Gift of Dragons is not found on the list.

Omnibus editions:
The Dragonriders of Pern (Dragonflight, Dragonquest, The White Dragon)
The Harper Hall of Pern (Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums)
On Dragonwings (Dragonsdawn, Dragonseye, Moreta)

Companion books and supplemental materials not authored by Anne McCaffrey:
Dragonharper (JLN)
Dragonfire (JLN)
The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern (JLN)
The Atlas of Pern (KWF)
The People of Pern (RW)


  1. Original Series
    1. Powers That Be (EAS)
    2. Power Lines (EAS)
    3. Power Play (EAS)
  2. Twins of Petaybee
    1. Changelings (EAS)
    2. Maelistrom (EAS)
    3. Deluge (EAS)


  • The Mark of Merlin
  • Ring of Fear
  • The Kilternan Legacy
  • Stitch in Snow
  • The Year of the Lucy
  • The Lady (UK: The Carradyne Touch)

Omnibus editions:
Three Gothic Novels (aka Three Women: The Mark of Merlin, Ring of Fear, Kilternan Legacy)

The Talent series is composed of two sub-series as indicated.  Several of the novels are composed in part of previously published short stories or are anthologies of short stories, as noted below.

  1. Pegasus
    1. To Ride Pegasus
      1. "A Womanly Talent"
      2. "Apple"
      3. "A Bridle For Pegasus"
      4. "To Ride Pegasus"
    2. Pegasus in Flight
    3. Pegasus in Space
  2. The Tower and the Hive
    1. The Rowan
      • "Lady in a Tower"
    2. Damia
      • "A Meeting of Minds"
    3. Damia's Children
    4. Lyon's Pride
    5. The Tower and the Hive

Omnibus editions:
The Wings of Pegasus (To Ride Pegasus, Pegasus in Flight)

Non-Series Novels, Cross-Series Omnibus Editions, Anthologies, and Edited Works

  • Restoree
  • Black Horses for the King
  • A Diversity of Dragons
  • The Worlds of Anne McCaffrey (Restoree, Decision at Doona, The Ship Who Sang)
  • Nerilka's Story and The Coelura (Nerilka's Story, The Coelura)
  • Get Off the Unicorn
  • The Girl Who Heard Dragons
  • Alchemy &Academe
  • Cooking Out of This World
  • Serve it Forth

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